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We customize solutions to your needs

During preliminary equipment selection and line setup 2D and 3D CAD programs are use to help customer imagine the end product of plant, of which are very useful and the outcome will be minimal setback during plant installation and proper working of plant material movement and production flow which will help in long term efficiency of the plant. These alone are of tremendous value as it minimize wastage, reduce repetitive work and fire fighting during production. Our plant are not off the shelve equipment and line are connected with series of properly design robust conveyors to ensure minimal dust pollution and where applicable, de-duster are provided.

We had designed the plant in a way that each can be operated with minimum worker during full production due to properly thought out line setup. These will enable plant to operate 24 hours daily without much interruption.

Lastly plant workers are trained properly on plant operation and on quality control thus each are on the way to lower wear and tear of parts while increasing production. We hope to bring such plant design capabilities and superior setup to more customers in the near future.


Treehouz Project Engineering Life-cycle

Requirement Study

Design and Engineering

Fabrication & Installation

Testing & Commissioning



Treehouz Design Focus



We protect your investment by choosing the best fit equipment.



Our experience ensure an optimum plant with high output and low down-time for faster ROI



We remove bottlenecks and increase your production planning flexibility



Minimum dust design provide a conducive working environment



Implementation of Automation to minimise man-power and deliver high output



Need an upgrade?

Talk to us for Plant Upgrade Services


Increase Capacity

  • Add new equipment such as Pellet Mill to increase capacity
  • Add new equipment to solve bottle neck such as using bigger conveyor

Improve Productivity

  • Replaced under performing machineries such as Pellet Mill, Hammermill, Fan
  • Remove material handling bottlenecks

Automation & Machine Safety

  • Improved production stability and lower down-time via automation
  • Reducing reliance on man power via automation
  • Implement automation to increase through put
  • Add machine safety protection equipment to minimize downtime and protect investment


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